The Good Earth Dairy Fresh, raw, Jersey Cow Milk* Organic, free-range chicken eggs Raw Honey

* raw milk is not for human consumption according to Florida Law.  By law it is to be used for animal consumption only.

So...what do you do with milk besides drink it? The answers can be numerous but my favorite answer is YOGURT. I think it's official, I'm addicted to yogurt...drinkable yogurt, spoonable custard yogurt, frozen yogurt and on and on and on. One thing I never considered with frozen yogurt was adding vegetables. Jessica Gentry of Bountiful Farms (who also happens to be a master chef) suggested we try her recipes and use her all natural veggies to make this (in my opinion) strange concoction. Thus, Vfroyo was born. And, now I eat my veggies!

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