The Good Earth Dairy Fresh, raw, Jersey Cow Milk* & all the good things made with it!

* raw milk is not for human consumption according to Florida Law.  By law it is to be used for animal consumption only.

For orders on YOGURT, Butter, Cream, Kefir, Sour Cream, Cow Pie Pudding & ICE CREAM please call for specifics and prices.

Call us or text us to order.


  Depending on your location, we can:


     * Deliver


     * You can find us at the following fabulous markets:


              Chuck's Natural Fields (Temple Terrace & Brandon)

              Dirty Dog Organics (Fruitland Park)

              The Wild Hare (Longwood)



     * Or we can meet you

Center Hill, Florida

(352) 460-2088  Reg.#Z003429