The Good Earth Dairy Fresh, raw, Jersey Cow Milk* Organic, free-range chicken eggs, Special Orders

* raw milk is not for human consumption according to Florida Law.  By law it is to be used for animal consumption only.

For orders on YOGURT, Butter, Cream & ICE CREAM please call for specifics and prices.

Call us or text us to order.


  Depending on your location, we can:


     * Deliver


     * You can come to the farm with an appointment


     * You can find us at the following fabulous markets:


              Chuck's Natural Fields (Temple Terrace & Brandon)

              Dirty Dog Organics (Fruitland Park)

              Kim's Cabbage Patch (Clermont)

              The Wild Hare (Longwood)



     * Or we can meet you

Center Hill, Florida

(352) 460-2088  Reg.#Z003429