The Good Earth Dairy Fresh, raw, Jersey Cow Milk* & all the good things made with it!

* raw milk is not for human consumption according to Florida Law.  By law it is to be used for animal consumption only.

We started the dairy with only the best. The best milk cow is the Jersey. The Jersey offers the highest in butterfat, making her milk the creamy, delicious milk that your parents and grandparents remember. Fed on pesticide free pasture and non GMO supplements, our cows give pure, wholesome goodness every day.
 *Raw milk contains a higher level of nutrients, enzymes, and minerals than pasteurized milk. For example, heat treated milk contains much lower levels of vitamin C and B. In addition, enzymes in raw milk are destroyed by heat. Forbes Magazine has identified raw milk as one of the healthiest foods on the planet, an indication that this most traditional and healthful of foods is increasingly displacing factory milk which triggers allergies and lactose intolerance for many. Contrary to popular belief, raw milk is one of the safest foods to consume, due to the benefits of modern technology including flash refrigeration and sterilized, automatic miking machines which have reduced the risk of food borne pathogens to a minimal level. Milking takes place twice a day with a "Closed Milking System" to insure the quality and purity of the milk. The milking is done in a closed system so no dirt or outside agents gain contact with the rich creamy milk. The milk is then filtered, glass bottled, flash cooled, and refrigerated...waiting for you.

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